Puttin’ On “At the Ritz”

Nope, not THAT one!

Nope, not THAT one!

Once upon a time, on a certain windy corner, there was a shadowy watering hole called The Ritz. It had an upright piano against one wall, a jukebox with a lot of jazz cuts, and a laid-back atmosphere. No food. Just booze. Big Pete was always behind the bar, day or night. Maybe he owned the place. He had the build of a cruiser-weight gone to seed, and a face that hadn’t seen too many victories. He was fast and loose with the liquor. I like that in a bartender.

The Ritz was a quiet hangout for aspiring actors, writers, musicians and artists. I stopped in there once in a while, myself, when I was in a mood to do some serious drinking. After the first time, I didn’t have to order. Big Pete remembered what I drank. Of an evening, our entire conversation might consist of two nods. I like that in a bartender, too. When I drink, I drink. Not interested in idle chit-chat.

“At the Ritz” started out life as a straight up country song. But then I bent it a little.
More than a little.
Gave it a little calypso groove. Then, just for fun, added a squeeze of Preservation Hall to the mix. Even for alt. country, it’s pretty alt. Yup, wrote it right there at the Ritz. On  a bar napkin.

Players include: Molly MacMillan, piano; Doug Robinson, bass; Michael Wellen, drums; Brian Earle, clarinet; Frank Campos, trumpet; Dave Davies, trombone (Dave also did the horn arrangement); and yours truly doing the vocal. Back-up singers are the Burns Sisters (Annie, Marie and Jeannie). Recorded and mixed by the incomparable Will Russell at Electric Wilburland.

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I hope you’ll dig it.

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Talk to you soon. Take care.


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