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Horse-inspired songs for Horse-inspired people

1. My Guitar, My Caballo, and Me
2. A Cowboy for You
3. Everything That I Love Best
4. Montana
5. Royal Blue

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On this album, Spartacus Jones, singer-songwriter and renegade horseman, presents
15 GREAT SONGS  inspired by and dedicated to all the GREAT HORSES who have been his companions, his teachers, and his friends. If your heart has ever been touched by the noble spirit of the horse, this album is especially for you. (Note: The proceeds from sales of this album will go to support horse rescues.)

Here’s what listeners have to say:
“Everything That I Love Best” – what a song!  –Max
“Royal Blue -Yayyyy!”  –SL.
“It’s a beautiful song. Great easy listening voice. –BJ
“Great Voice and Song. –Tom
“AAAAAAAAA++++++ very good,it tells a very good story ” –Pedro L.
“Beautiful!”  — Glenn R.
“What vivid images, what concepts!” –Denise H.
“Great singer and song!  –RG

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