Boogie, and Blues and Ballads…Oh, My!

I’m putting together a studio session to lay down a few new tunes. It’s a lot like doing an episode of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: I’m Mr. Briggs and I’m selecting my team of uniquely talented specialists for the job.  There are SO many good musicians here, it’s that “embarrassment of riches” you hear about but rarely ever see.

One thing for sure: I’ll be recording under the watchful ears of Will Russell at Electric Wilburland. Not only is he a great producer, but he laughs at my jokes. Priceless.

I have my wish list of players for the foundation tracks, and a few ideas about soloists and sweetening.

The hardest part right now is picking which tunes to do. I’ve got a file drawer full of material, and every time I open it, songs jump up and down like excited puppies at mealtime. I can’t do them all in

this session. Which ones should I pick? How do I decide?  Flip a coin?

Me, I like pieces that color outside the lines. I’ll give some priority to my lady’s favorites.

But if you have any preferences, let me know. And, like Elton John said, “You can everybody this is your song.”