A man who has never loved a horse can never truly love a woman.

-Spanish proverb

Spartacus Jones

Singer-songwriter Spartacus Jones is a man who loves horses.

He’s kind of a mustang, himself.

Old school.


A renegade.

He takes musical influences from country, rock,  jazz, blues, and more — and then goes his own way with them.  Sometimes melancholy, sometimes angry, sometimes tender, sometimes even humorous — but always straight from the heart.


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Here’s what some folks have to say about Spartacus Jones:

He’s clever with a lyric, and his arrangements are both musical and mature. He has an uncanny ability to render a visual experience with his music, like going to a movie with your eyes closed because you know already from the music exactly what’s happening on the screen.                                                                    

— Will Russell, Electric Wilburland


He weaves a rich tapestry of fine and varied textures with his music.  He seamlessly crosses diverse genres from silky and sensual to bold and defiant.                  

— Kimberlee Strauss, Renegade Wind


Take the time to listen to Spartacus Jones’s tunes, including those with vocals, and you’ll be glad you did. What you’ll hear within the light touch you’d expect of Chansons de Geste is the voice of a romantic cowboy with a swashbuckling spirit, woven through melodies and creative instrumentation. There’s depth beyond the geste here.

                                                                                 –Molly MacMillan, pianist, vocalist, composer

When I think of a true artist, I think of Spartacus Jones. A singer, songwriter, poet, musician, composer, and more. I always look forward to his next creation.                   

–Ed Waters, songwriter


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